Our contingency fees are 50% lower than many other parcel auditing service. We earn 25% of funds recovered for you. No hidden fees or payments.

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Built to be the most secure parcel audit service platform available, we encrypt your carrier credentials for the lifetime of your account at Parcel Audit Pros.

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What is parcel auditing?

UPS and FedEx both offer money-back guarantees on late deliveries and if your shipment is late, in most cases you are entitled to a full refund. Yet, unless you closely track all of your small parcel shipping activity, many businesses do not realize that they may be leaving money on the table. How much money? On average a business with $100,000 in annual small parcel shipping costs would get $5,000 back in late shipping refunds and sometimes even more.

Although your company may be entitled to late shipment refunds from UPS and FedEx, these companies do not automatically send you a refund or even notify you of late deliveries – BUT if you find and process late shipments, both UPS and FedEx will give you your money back.

Our solution

Parcel Audit Pros has developed a simple, secure and fully automated parcel auditing web application that will automatically track, process and credit your FedEx and UPS refunds. Best of all: there is no carrying cost to using Parcel Audit Pros, we simply receive a commission from the amount of funds that we recover for you! In other words, signup is completely free and we charge the lowest commission fees in the business – Guaranteed.

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Parcel Audit Dashboard

The most modern and effective parcel audit dashboard available.

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  • Clean graphical representation of your shipping statistics

  • Compare carrier performance at a glance

  • Get shipment history detail in a real-time dashboard

  • Extract custom filtered data for use in external systems

  • Aggregated shipping information to simplify carrier analysis

  • Mobile friendly interface. Use on any smartphone or tablet

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