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Parcel Audit Pros strives to provide hassle-free, secure parcel auditing for companies big and small at a fair price.

Our goal is to provide you with the best online parcel auditing solution that will enable your business to get money-back from UPS and FedEx at the lowest fees. By helping you recover unclaimed refunds, we can substantially lower your shipping costs.

For too long other audit services have charged too much and provided too little value. The founders of Parcel Audit Pros knew there was a better way. Our process is fully automated from signup to refund, which allows your company to start saving immediately. Let the Pros show you the next generation in parcel auditing.

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Parcel Audit Pros
Parcel Audit Pros
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What makes us different

  • Lowest rates in the industry. 25% of received refunds vs 50% from most of the competition.

  • Most secure service with focus on protecting user and carrier credentials throughout the process.

  • Modern and informative dashboard. View of ALL your shipments in concise displays.

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