As a business owner, you may spend thousands of dollars each year in shipping costs depending on the size and scope of your business.  Even if you spend substantially less than bigger companies, chances are you are losing money somewhere in the process, particularly when it comes to late deliveries or mis-charged shipments. If a package you shipped via FedEx is late for delivery, what happens next? 

With other express carriers there are many terms and limitations that apply when trying to get a refund for a package that has arrived late.  With FedEx, it is no different.  And while the company claims it will refund or credit for deliveries late by even one minute, their terms also clearly state that the money back guarantee can be revoked or suspended at the sole discretion of FedEx, without prior notice.  

Ultimately, there is a long list of fine print to read through -- some of which you can check out on our FedEx refund page. You might need an aspirin or two before you’re done, or maybe you’ll just decide trying to obtain a refund isn’t worth the hassle!.

Few business owners have the time (or the inclination) to read through all of the terms and conditions buried deep within the website to determine if they are owed a refund from FedEx. Not to mention looking at each shipment one by one to determine if it’s late.  While FedEx offers a money back guarantee on late deliveries, companies have to jump through hoops to get the refunds they deserve.  You should be credited with your refund automatically when your packages are not delivered on time, but this is not how it works.  

For late deliveries, you have 15 days from the delivery date to claim a refund of ground or air Express charges.  It might take that long just to understand FedEx’s terms and conditions!   Fortunately, there is an easier way to track your shipments, receive refunds, or even determine the best shipping options for your particular needs. Many companies, without realizing it, are spending thousands more on shipping costs than they need to be simply because they not taking advantage of a quality FedEx auditing service 

At Parcel Audit Pros, we make getting refunds for late delivery and overcharged shipments easy.  Recover refunds, track the shipping process, keep an eye on your company's shipping costs, and learn how to ship for less!  Visit our parcel auditing services page to learn how you can recover shipping costs and ship for less.