What is the UPS Refund Policy and Process?

Businesses who ship packages using UPS expect their packages to arrive at the recipient's location on time.  While on-time delivery is a priority for the carrier, UPS does have a policy regarding refunds for late delivery.  This is the GSR, or Guaranteed Service Refund policy 

UPS guarantees that every package will arrive on time, assuming there are no issues including address corrections or weather delays.  If your package arrives even a minute late, a refund is due to you, the shipper.  However, there is a limited window of time in which you can claim a refund for late ground and Express (air) packages, so it is important not to wait.


If Your Package Arrived at Its Destination Late, What Do You Do?

Basically, the UPS money-back guarantee offers two options.  You can find out if the guarantee applies in your situation by contacting the UPS Customer Service office in your local area, or go to the company's website at www.ups.com and learn if the money-back guarantee applies to your shipment by navigating to the Resources or Shipping sections where you will find 'Calculate Delivery Time.'

Once it is determined that you are eligible for a refund, certain conditions must be fulfilled before UPS will credit your shipping charges or request a refund on your behalf. UPS will not refund taxes, levies, VAT, or duties. 


Conditions for Obtaining a Refund from UPS

Labels or other shipping documentation must be thoroughly and correctly completed.  Additionally, the package(s) in question must bear UPS OnLine Shipping Solutions paper labels or be in compliance otherwise with the company's Guide to Labeling.

Depending on the destination or country of origin, there may be other required documentation that must be accurately completed and included with your package.

If delivering on Saturday to a destination where Saturday delivery is available, the package must include a Saturday delivery routing label.

UPS guarantees on-time delivery only when packages arrive at their facility by the latest collection time; your package must be there at the specified time or earlier.  For example, if the latest collection time is 4 p.m., your package must be at the UPS facility no later than 4 p.m., preferably earlier.

When claiming a refund for late delivery, you have 15 days from the date of the scheduled delivery to notify UPS of your request for a claim.  This must be done either by telephone or in writing, and include details such as date of shipment, package weight, recipient's name and address, and the UPS tracking number.

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