Frequently Asked Questions

We invoice you monthly for 25% of the refunds approved by the carrier. We never charge for refunds not approved by the carrier(s). There are absolutely no monthly, hidden or additional fees. You keep 75% of the money we save you which is the best rate in the industry.
There are absolutely no additional fees other than 25% of the refunds we get for you. Parcel Audit Pros will not charge you sign-up/setup fees or monthly fees.
Parcel Audit Pros service works on a monthly basis. There are no contracts or obligations and you may cancel at anytime.
Your shipping carrier(s) will provide the refunds directly to you. The refund payment method depends on the billing and payment setup with your shipping carrier. Parcel Audit Pros does not manage how your shipping carrier provides your refund. Refunds are typically received either as credits to the carrier invoice or as a physical check sent to you directly.
The timing of refunds will vary across shipping carriers and accounts. Credits may be applied against the invoice or account by the carrier on the same day or within a few days. In cases where a physical check is sent by the carrier, it may take 2-3 weeks after the credit has been approved to receive.
No. Parcel Audit Pros will do our best to make sure every late package gets a refund. However, each carrier has their own list of exceptions detailed in their late package policy that we must follow. Common exceptions that may prevent a refund are weather related delays, special zip codes and time around the holidays.
No. FedEx and UPS provide a money-back guarantee for late shipments. This commitment is extended to everyone in an effort to earn your business. If the guarantee is not met, they promise to refund your shipping costs. Most businesses can’t effectively request refunds for packages that haven’t met their commitment because the auditing process can be confusing and time consuming.
You can expect a 2% - 10% savings on your carrier service costs. The actual savings is dependent on shipping pattern, service type, and time of year.
You can do your own audits. The drawbacks include finding the time and resources necessary to find potentially late or mischarged shipments as well as enduring the long, complicated process of requesting a refund. The complexity of the on-time commitments can make it difficult to determine which shipments are late. Most carriers assume their customers will not engage in that process. Parcel Audit Pros service will save you time and maximize the refunds you receive.
Parcel Audit Pros customers have the peace of mind knowing their credentials are safe and personal information is secure. Our website uses 128-bit SSL encryption. Your Parcel Audit Pros password and carrier credentials are encrypted and stored safely within our database. Since our service is almost entirely automated, our audit specialists don’t need or use your account credentials during typical auditing scenarios. This is all in an effort to keep your personal information safe and private.
Parcel Audit Pros uses your shipping data to submit refunds for eligible late and mischarged shipments. We store your shipping history securely for your use within the dashboard section of our website. Credit card and personal information are neither stored nor accessed by our service, and we will never use your shipping data for sales or marketing purposes.
You can deactivate your account at any time by using the “Deactivate Account” option in your account profile. To remove your account entirely, send an email to support@parcelauditpros.com letting us know you would like to cancel your account. We’ll close your account and delete all associated data from our servers. It’s that simple.