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Receive late delivery refunds for your late or mischarged shipments automatically. FedEx and UPS have a money-back guarantee for shipments that are delivered even one minute late. We use an advanced parcel auditing engine to determine which packages are late or mischarged, and we process the FedEx and UPS refund requests on your behalf. All it takes is 5 minutes to sign up, and you could start saving money today.

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Already Have a Parcel Auditing Service?

Here is why our solution is your best choice: We have the most advanced dashboard and reporting features, the best security and the lowest fees in the industry. Our price is typically 50% lower than other types of parcel audit service providers.

How it works

  • 1

    You provide the logon information for any accounts to be audited.

  • 2

    We access the carrier websites to download the shipping details for auditing.

  • 3

    Our auditing engine determines refundable issues and submits a refund request electronically.

  • 4

    Approved credits get sent directly to you either as an invoice credit or physical check

  • 5

    We invoice for 25% of the approved credit amount

Who ?

  • UPS Ground & Express

  • FedEx Ground & Express

  • USPS Priority Coming Soon

What ?

  • Late shipments

  • Surcharges

  • Double charges

  • Billed not shipped

Annually, there are 4 billion in available credits nationwide and only 2 billion credits being received.

With Parcel Audit Pros there are no risks ever.

No monthly fees. No minimum fees.

We are simply enforcing the contract you already signed.

How much will we save?

Customers typically save between 2% and 8%.

Actual savings will depend on the shipment types, carrier policies, and other details.

What's the catch?

There truly isn't one...

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  • No long term commitments

  • Cancel any time

  • No risk. You only pay 25% of what we recover for you.

  • Lowest rates in the industry.

Parcel Audit Pros

Top notch security

The most secure auditing platform available!

Parcel Audit Pros customers have the peace of mind knowing their credentials are safe and personal information is secure.

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Save 5% on parcel shipping in less than 5 minutes *

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Parcel Audit Dashboard

The most modern and effective parcel audit dashboard available.

Parcel Audit Pros Modern Dashboard

See all of your shipments in one place

We consolidate the shipment data from all your accounts into one central location. This makes it possible to perform analysis, spot trends, and make informed business decisions across accounts and carriers.

Trend analysis on your shipping costs

Compare carrier rates, and spot changes in per-package costs. See which shipping strategies are working... and which ones are not.

Parcel Audit Pros Dashboard Graphical Distribution Maps

Graphical Distribution Maps

Visualize shipping and destination distribution. Use dispersion maps to understand market penetration and supply chain optimization opportunities.

Download multi-carrier shipment details

It's your data, and you can have it whenever you want. Download all available shipment history aggregated in popular file formats for analysis and use in other software systems.

Parcel Audit Pros Dashboard Shipment Details

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